The Society held its First meeting of the new Season on  Friday  14th September and the first part of the evening took the form of an Open Forum, chaired by Peter Robinson, who first introduced the members to a microphone which had been purchased after some members had had difficulty in hearing some of our Speakers clearly.  Peter gave a resume’ of why the Society had been formed 39 years ago when the Civic Trust had come to our inaugural meeting. Peter  gave examples of how the Society had been able to try and improve certain planning decisions.   We had successfully objected to the widening of Town Street, Bramcote, were instrumental in the listing of ‘The Grange’, now used as Beeston Police Station, encouraged the installation of  bottle banks and supported  the Council in  starting recycling, and were instrumental in a zebra crossing being installed near the Square at the bottom of Foster Avenue, to name but a few examples of where the Society had been able to have a positive influence in our area.

We then moved on to questions and comments from the Members on what they wanted us to achieve in the future, what we are doing right, and how we could improve.  Items discussed included –

Conservation areas,  Planning, Heritage Open Days, Meetings, Speakers, Blue Plaques, our Newsletter, our Website, Heritage Walks, Publications, and what to do to celebrate our 40th Anniversary.

After our refreshment break (in the middle of the meeting) we were treated to a very interesting slide show by Iris and Derek Martin of the Beeston Camera Club.

The second meeting of the new Season will take place on Friday, 12th October 2012 in the Upstairs Meeting Room at Beeston Library at 7.00.p.m. when local Author, Alan Dance, will be talking about ‘The Chilwell Ghost House’.