Great post from our fellow member Matt over at Beestonia’s Blog!


A week on, and I’m still getting sent great ideas from Beestonians. So many have arrived, either in comments here, email, or people saying hello on the street, Facebook mesages and texts…hugely encouraging. I’m  slowly working my way through them all, but had a couple of days stuck in bed with a ninja-style flu, which crept up on me silently, and rendered me useless for far too long. If you have written in, then I will eventually reply. I will also collate more ideas online somewhere, some truly fascinating stuff has been recieved and many offers of help, advice and support. It’s rather overwhelming: and that’s not a complaint.

Sketchy ideas so far seem to lean towards a steering group, possibly in league with the Civic Society, and open to all suggestions, acting proactively to get our wish-list worked out and implemented. The other is setting up a ‘creative quarter’:…

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