Three of our committee members went along to the steering group meeting of Continuum Beeston (nee New Deal) on Saturday evening February 15th.

We can’t bring you any news at the moment, not because of ‘closed doors’ but the need to get further information before putting it out for public discussion.

Further discussion about time scales, feasibility of some ideas suggested, costs, need to happen before they can be shared with the general public. John Delaney, Head of Built Environment at the Council, also has a preliminary list put together by the councils own Town Centre group, for possible improvements for which he already has a budget. These are currently being costed then will be circulated to the Community via the Beeston Express, Beestonia website and the Civic Society website. It is also the Civic Society’s intention to find a way of consulting with the wider public who do not have access to the internet.

We will keep you informed.

Judy Sleath
Chair, Beeston Civic Society