Aspects of Beeston exhibition

Aspects of Beeston – an Exhibition

Robert Wright, a life-long Beeston resident and BTEC Digital Photography course student (at South Notts college), recently had his first solo exhibition on view at The Flying Goose Cafe, Chilwell Road, Beeston.

Robert likes to discover things of interest in scenes that may otherwise go unnoticed or be taken for granted, so he presents a refreshing alternative view of Beeston. With the town centre being bulldozed to make way for supermarkets, “improvements” and a likely tram route, Robert’s exhibition partly focuses on these issues as well as illustrating the social influence of the link that the University has with China.

Robert describes his pictures as just slices of Beeston life with a story, a link or a memory connected to each of them. Robert’s comments accompany each photograph below.

All photographs on this page are copyright © Robert Wright – you can contact Robin at

Beeston Lad’s Club – now the Pearson Centre for Young people

“I was a member of the lads club for over 15 years so it was with mixed emotions that I watched it being pulled down. I’m sure the new building is great but does it match the character of the old place?”

The Beech Tree (later known as ‘The Cow’ pub)

“Another well known building of Beeston lies in rubble.  Who were the band?  Were they any good?”

Broxtowe College, now known as Castle College

“An eye catching hoarding hides the foundations of the now towering new Castle college building.”

Pet Mart

“I feel this image sums up the isolation felt by small independent businesses up against the might of large corporations.  An established landmark of Beeston under dark clouds facing the upheaval of moving premises due to demolition.”

Multi-storey car park

Not usually associated with being pretty but extremely useful and free!  Where will we park if the tram comes?  Another place on the hit list for the bulldozer.”

Chinese new year

A Chinese martial arts expert watches a display by an English group.”

Chinese new year 2

A local school takes part in the colourful celebrations.”


Already a shadow of its former self, how  will the Market fare when Tesco and Lidl comes to town?”


A common feature along the High Road.   I chose this image as it appears that his only audience is the pigeon.”

Anglo Scotian Mills

New from old.  Sensitively restored and developed into luxury flats, this former lace mill and engineering works shows that not everything has to be demolished and rebuilt.”


Celebrating their centenary this year I wish continued success to Miles, Andy and the team in the face of a supermarkets bid to take over the world.”

Neville Sadler Court

Facing an uncertain future. If the tram gets the go ahead residents of Neville Sadler won’t give up without a fight.”

Dangling Shoes

A metaphor for how I see the residents and businesses of Beeston with so much uncertainty.”

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