1 thought on “DSCN2777 (Small)

  1. Steve You are right that BBC are required to asesss the application alone. However it seems strange for them to decide this application before having a core strategy in place and in isolation of the Stanton site which is predicted to SERIOUSLY ADD to the traffic load of the Jaguar mini roundabouts junction.Para 32 of the NPPF requires rejection of a proposal which will have a severe transport impact adding to an already over capacity junction that serves as the main access to the A52 for a large area should be considered as a severe impact on that ground alone the proposal should be rejected.The NPPF has a presumption in favour of SUSTAINABLE development and development that is unsustainable should be rejected. Perhaps you could consider whether sacrificing Greenbelt is justifiable IF there are other sites?One LibDem councillor seems to have recently realised the Greenbelt needs to be proactively and continually protected its status alone is not a sufficient shield against development. Perhaps you can make it two?

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