Wallwork Photographs, Early Civic Society

Stephen & Marion Wallwork have kindly given us permission to publish these interesting photographs from the early days of the Beeston and District Civic Society, and including their own comments. The Society was initially formed to act as a ‘brake’ against the then Council’s policy of pulling down old and historic buildings and replacing with new. Taken as a record in case of demolition, they now provide a fascinating insight into Beeston during this time.

Please note all the photographs are the property of, and copyright © Marion and Stephen Wallwork. Please see notice at the bottom of the page.
Lock Cottages

Lock Cottages, 1980
Refurbishment and future uses under discussion at present.

Crown Inn, Beeston

The Crown Inn, 1975
The Society was instrumental in persuading the planners to insist on tasteful improvements to the Inn.

The Willows

The Willows, 1975
Another old property that the Society tried unsuccessfully to persuade the council to keep. (It had been donated by its previous owner, a local doctor, to Beeston.)

Plumbers' cottages,  Wollaton  Rd

Plumbers’ Cottage on Wollaton Road, 1996
The Society endeavoured to have this listed but without success.

The GrangeThe Grange, 1979
As a result of activity by the Society, encouraged by a planning officer, the Grange was listed, thus preventing its demolition by the police.

Tree PlantingEarly Civic Society Tree Planting, 1978
Tree planting at the corner of Middle Street and Chilwell Road.

Beeston Square 1974Beeston Square, 1974
The Beeston Civic Society commented on the plans for the Square and indeed suggested the podium.

Gladstone St play area a

Gladstone Street Play Area, 1979
An early project to use empty space as a play area for young children. It was opened by the Mayor. But it was closed a year or two later because nearby residents who claimed that teenagers were gathering there in an evening and making much noise. The area was dismantled by the Council without, I believe, reference to the Society. And what happened to the equipment?

Exhibition, Beeston Library a copyright_S&M_Wallwork

Civic Society Library Exhibition, May 1985
Opening of an exhibition by the Society in the library. Jim Lester MP, Mrs M Sutton, Marion Wallwork, chairman, and Councillor (maybe Mayor) John Sutton. 

Elms on Elm Avenue a copyright_S&M_Wallwork

Elm Avenue, 1975
Elm trees on Elm Avenue before they were infected by Dutch Elm disease. Felling queried by the Society. 

Devonshire Ave car park a copyright_S&M_Wallwork

Devonshire Avenue, 1992
Devonshire Avenue car park. Society objected strongly to plans for this car park on a fine residential road.  The society was informed that the car park would be screened by trees in such a way that it would hardly be visible from the road! 

West End copper beech a  copyright_S&M_Wallwork

West End, 1993.
Copper beech tree, West End.  A very fine tree, felled because it was infected by honey fungus. Queried by the Society.

Villa St tree 2a

Villa Street, 1977
Copper beech tree. Felled in spite of our protest to allow for deliveries to Sainsbury’s.  Subsequently their plans changed so tree had been sacrificed unnecessarily. 1977

Tree planting a copyright_S&M_Wallwork

Tree Planting, March 1976
In the grounds of the flats on Middle Street by the Mayor, Councillor Tom Martin. His wife, Dr.Hutchinson and Marion Wallwork are also in the picture.

Glebe St tree pruning a copyright_S&M_Wallwork

Glebe Street, 1980
Badly pruned lime trees on Glebe Street. Strongly commented on by M Wallwork

Copyright S and M Wallwork. Permission granted for the use of Beeston and District Civic Society only. Not for resale. All rights reserved except those granted herein. Rights usage terms: Copyright S and M Wallwork. Permission granted for the use of Beeston and District Civic Society only. Not for resale. Contact: sandm.wallwork@talktalk.net or annelyburn@live.co.uk for usage rights.

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