Blue Plaque Gallery

One thought on “Blue Plaque Gallery

  1. Very interested to learn about the Blue Plaque scheme featured in the ‘Bygones’ with particular reference to the Beeston area. If there are to be any further nominations I would ask that Anita Yeager and Janice Wells should be considered for recognition and commemorated with a blue plaque. They were young ice skaters from the area who trained and learned their skill at the Nottingham ice rink and succeeded against fierce competition to become skaters in the world famous Holiday on Ice touring company. They appeared on TV in many shows broadcast at that time. They were tragically killed in an horrific car accident whilst on tour with the show in Prague 1972. I have much more detail and am, along with others who remember them for their youth, vivacity and commitment, intending to celebrate their life on the 45th anniversary of their untimely demise next year by submitting an article to the Bygones.

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