SUNDAY 12th June FREE Guided Walk

Join Professor Beckett on the first of this year’s Guided Walks tomorrow, Sunday, 12th June starting from the Podium in Beeston Square at 2.30pm. The walk is entitled ‘the Inns and Pubs of Beeston’ and will last about 2 hours.

This walk, which will remain firmly outside of the pubs and inns of Beeston takes the form of a walk from the podium of Beeston Square to different pubs and inns around Beeston taking in their history and where possible their ownership and occupation.

It will not be practicable to visit all of the known pub sites, but reference will be made both to those we can see and also to those that will remain out of sight but which most people are likely to be aware of anyway.

Walkers will gain an introduction to the hostelries of Beeston, including the older inns (now generally rebuilt)  and the modern public houses.

Public transport. Any bus or tram to Beeston Square.

Car Parking: Foster Avenue Car Park is free on Sundays.


Friday, 12th February 2016 at 7.30.p.m.Transport Meeting

Our next Meeting will be on FRIDAY 12TH FEBRUARY 2016 when Trevor Stocker Service Delivery Manager of Nottingham Trams will be giving an Update now that the Trams are up and running.

It is hoped that Representatives from Nottingham City Transport, Your Bus and Trent/Barton will also be available to give us an update on bus services following commencement of Tram services to Beeston.

The Meeting will take place at The Pearson Centre, 2 Nuart Road Beeston at 7.30.p.m.