Guided Walks 2017

Self Guided Blue Plaque Walking Guide/Map

Interested in learning more about the area? Why not join us on one of our guided walks for a lovely afternoon stroll and a chance to discover the history and importance of places you walk past every day.

East Beeston
Sunday 18 June, 2017 2.30pm, (Assemble in the car park of the Free Church on Salthouse Lane).

This walk starts more or less at the boundary of Nottingham and Beeston on Broadgate.It moves along Broadgate and down Humber Road into an area largely developed in the late 19th Century as a suburb of the core village of Beeston.  This was once a thriving industrial area with bicycle works (Humber) and boilers (Beeston Boiler Company) and houses for the work force, as well as churches to serve the community, were built.  Today the industrial core of the area has gone, and we no longer think of this as anything other than part of Beeston.   The walk will then continue back to the High Road junction with Humber Road, where it will end.


Sunday 23 July, 2017 2.30pm, Hop Pole to the Cadland. (Assemble in the car park opposite the Hop Pole)This walk will last about two hours.  It will start at the Hop Pole, and finish at The Cadland, taking in the core of historic Chilwell on the way.   Walkers will learn something of the rural and industrial parts of the village, the church, the memorial hall, the schools, and some of the older houses and other buildings.  The walk will finish at the Cadland so participants might want to walk back to the Hop Pole or take a bus if they need to go back to the start.

Heritage Weekend – Historic Beeston
Sunday 10 September,2017 2.30pm, (Assemble at The Podium in  Beeston Square).
This two hour walk will begin and end in Beeston Square, and will provide a brief introduction to the history of the town. Beginning with an outline of the structure of the town, walkers will then circle the centre of Beeston to take in the remaining mills, the High Road, new developments either side of Station Road, and old Beeston (West End and Church) before returning to the Square. The hope is that those who come on the walk learn something about the historic heart of Beeston and will be challenged to find out more!

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