Local Heritage

Beeston doesn’t currently have a Local Heritage List (LHL). A LHL is a formal list of ‘heritage assets’ (i.e. buildings, monuments, sites, places, areas, historic parks and gardens or other designated landscapes) in the area. This is something the Civic Society has long wanted to do something about.

We do have Listed Buildings, and Conservation Areas of course, and some of our longstanding members have done much hard work and research identifying, compiling and assessing local ‘heritage assets’ – and calling on Local Authorities and other societies, groups, and bodies to get their heads together to introduce a LHL.

This year, we’re hoping to renew our work on this challenge, in order to recognise, celebrate, and protect the buildings and places providing architectural, artistic, or historic interest to our town.

We have a Working Group established, and hope to collaborate and engage with other groups, societies, owners, historians, and local experts – as well as the Local Authority departments, to make it happen!

If you would like to be involved and help with this work by joining or advising our Working Group, please get in touch.

We really appreciate help and assistance from our community on projects like this – no obligation will be asked of you, but any of your time or skills you can give will be invaluable.