AGM and Annual Report 2013


Minutes of the 40th Annual General Meeting 

held at The Community Room, John Clifford School, Nether Street, Beeston

 on Friday, 8th November, 2013 

The Meeting commenced at 7.35.p.m. and Brian Loughbrough welcomed everyone to the 40th Annual General Meeting.

22 Members and  Guests signed the Attendance Sheet. 

Apologies:       Shirley Krarup, Jean Cameron, Noeline McCoach, Jimmy Westland, Clive & Maureen                      Southern, Dr. R Hutchinson, Margaret Markus, Prof. John Beckett.

Minutes of 39th AGM Meeting. Having previously been circulated these were taken as read and approved.

Matters Arising:  None.

Annual Report of the Trustees:  Brian Loughbrough gave the Annual report . (Report overleaf)

Treasurer’s Report.: Andrew presented the Report which was circulated at the meeting and reported that the Society had a small surplus of £158. which he felt was totally in keeping with the aims of the Society in roughly trying to balance the expenditure and receipts, without holding a substantial balance.

Andrew explained the new system in regard to Gift Aid declaration forms and proposed that everyone be asked to sign a new Gift Aid declaration, if this was applicable with the form being distributed with the December Newsletter.   It was formally proposed by Robin Phillips that the Report be accepted and this was agreed.

Election of Officers:

Chairman:  Judy Sleath

Vice-Chairman: Brian Loughbrough

Treasurer:   In the absence of a formal nomination Andrew Milner agreed to continue as Treasurer.

Secretary:   Eileen Atherton.


Election of Committee Members:

Jean Cameron, Dr.Richard Hutchinson, Dr.John Patrick, Caroline Penn, Owen Rees, Dr.Peter Robinson, Barbara Selwood and Rosemary Silis.


It was proposed by Robin Phillips that all the Officers and Committee Members be elected en-block and this was agreed.

Election of Independent Examiner.  Andrew Milner proposed that as Eric Goodman had been the examiner for the last 3/4 years he should be asked to continue for a further year and this was agreed.


At this point Brian handed over to Judy Sleath, the new Chairman, who thanked Brian for all his work as Chairman on behalf of the Society and then gave a brief resume’ of her previous roles as Chairman of Roundhill PTA and Chair of Alderman White PTA and also invited members to the Christmas Meeting when members would be invited to ask questions as well as participate in seasonal refreshments.

The official Meeting closed at 7.50.p.m. after which Judy introduced our replacement Speaker for the evening, Marysia Zipser.

Beeston & District Civic Society             Chairman’s Report to the 2013 AGM


2013 has been a special year.   We have debated our priorities for our 40th year.  Looking back is not something we would advocate for all, but we are still concerned about the quality of life here in south Broxtowe as a fit place to live, work and play.

Our high profile activities have once again featured planning and transport.  At the same time as we have news of the success of one, one of our members in securing 40 saplings,  others are coping with the impact of congestion.  We have made representations about building on the Green Belt and we can foresee difficulties arising from the extension of the tram route to link with HS2.

The Heritage Open Days weekend has enabled us to highlight aspects of history, manufacturing and employment where the scheme has grown in recent years to include even more venues.

Our programme of events, walks and speakers has included the new Police Commissioner for Nottinghamshire, Steve Dance, the Chief technical officer of the Council, and has enabled us to thank the council for the use of the Old Council Chamber in the Town Hall for some of our events.

Now we have secured the use of part of the John Clifford School for the regular events of the Society, it is pleasing to report that we have a new home for our meetings.

After the Christmas meeting which will allow members to discuss matters of mutual interest, there will be an opportunity to speak about the Square with James Greenway of Henry Boot and in February we shall hear from John Hess about his work as political editor of BBC Radio Nottingham.  Perhaps this will allow us to raise the topic touched on by Dr.Barrett, our guest speaker at the 40th Anniversary meeting, where he referred to the shortage of candidates from this area for recognition in the Honours scheme.  Sarah Alton and Matt Orchard will return for the third time in March to discuss the tram project.  Our programme has been tailored to give you the members adequate time to raise matters of current concern.   The final meeting of the winter session for which we owe much thanks to the Secretary will take place in April when Mark Chivers of the Boots Enterprise Zone will round of our Season of Talks.

We should end on a happy note.   We have broken our own record with more than 30 Blue Plaques unveiled marking local worthies and events.

Finally, may I remind you of the problem facing small societies throughout the land, that is the unwillingness of people to come forward to take office – we need a Treasurer and a webmaster, both very interesting and rewarding jobs.

Brian Loughbrough.

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