AGM and Annual Report 2014


 Minutes of the 41st Annual General Meeting

 held at The Community Room, John Clifford School, Nether Street, Beeston

 on Friday, 14th November, 2014.

 The Meeting commenced at 7.35.p.m. and Judy Sleath welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Judy read out her Annual Report.

 55 Members and  Guests signed the Attendance Sheet. 

 Apologies:       Hilary Hillier, Prof. John Beckett,  Jill Oakland,  Martyn Poliakoff,  Joyce & Leo Brown, Sheila Eden,  Norma Jolloh and John Patrick.

Minutes of 40th AGM Meeting. Having previously been circulated these were taken as read and it was accepted as a true record.

Financial Statement.  Copies of the Financial Statement were handed out and Andrew Milner asked for any questions on the Accounts.  It was proposed by Robin Phillips and seconded by Andrew Milner that they be accepted.   Hearty thanks were expressed to Andrew Milner for his tireless work over the years as Treasurer.

Election of Independent Examiner.

It was proposed by Andrew Milner and seconded by Barbara Selwood that Eric Goodman be appointed as the Independent Examiner.

Election of Officers.

Chair:               Judy Sleath

Vice-Chair:      Caroline Penn

Treasurer:        Michelle Patel

Secretary:         Eileen Atherton.

It was proposed by Marion Wallwork and seconded by Andrew Milner that the officers be elected en-bloc and this was agreed.

Election of Executive Committee.

Nominations received:

Jean Cameron,  Dr.Richard Hutchinson  Tina Launchbury, Owen Rees, Dr.Peter Robinson, Barbara Selwood and Rosemary Silis.

It was proposed by Robin Phillips and seconded by Barbara Phillips that the  Nominees be elected en-block and this was agreed.

Motion. To increase the yearly Membership fee to£10 single and £15 joint from lst October 2015.

The reason for the motion was explained to the meeting which involved further expense on a meeting room and proposed membership of £1.50 per member to Civic Voice  and  after several members expressed various views for and against the motion was carried with  33 members  for, 3 against with 5 abstentions.

Members were then asked for their feelings if the meetings moved to a different evening from Friday and after discussion it was agreed to investigate this further.

One Minutes Silence was then observed for any members who had died during the year.

Any Other Business:

Congratulations were extended to Marion Wallwork on her award of the BEM medal.

 Date of 2015 AGM. – To be agreed by the Executive Committee.

 The Meeting closed at 8.15.p.m.

The Minutes were approved at the AGM held on 13th November 2015.



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