Broxtowe BC Town Improvements Poll

Please note, this pool is now closed. Many thanks to all who voted. We have given these results to Broxtowe Borough Council.

This is Broxtowe Borough Council’s own list of improvements to Beeston they are looking to do for the end of the year, in time for the tram and the Square development.

Due to budgets, they can’t all be done. To help them decide, we thought to do a nice simple poll for folks to indicate their preferences. You can select up to 5 choices. Please do vote, this is your town! Please also feel free to add your comments at the end.

The list from the Continuum Beeston team will be coming soon – this list is for after the Tram starts – watch out for that and we’ll do a similar poll at that time!

12 thoughts on “Broxtowe BC Town Improvements Poll

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  2. Multi-language greeting MUST include German as we are twinned with Guttersloh and Rotary Club is twinned with Tuttlingen.

  3. Please don’t go the stainless steel route, it’s damned ugly. Beeston is looking very sad of late and needs some real tidying up, especially shop fronts and along Chilwell Road. It looked better 10 years ago to be frank. Please don’t waste money on needless things like big screens.

  4. When re-developing the Square, please have a look at the ‘Westmorland Centre in Kendal. This is a small centre, on 2 floors with indoor cafes with terraces. Only about 48 units. When the weather is inclement in Beeston we only have 2 Supermarkets to visit to browse comfortably.

  5. Totally agree with Andrea’s comments. Certainly the Stump has to removed, and the Beekeeper, to be honest,.is poor quality public art. Public Art is a must for Beeston but there needs to be quality and international cultures involved/open international competition etc, also any new public contemporary buildings and large art gallery. Contemporary art galleries MAKE a place – it’s all about IDENTITY AND SENSE OF PLACE.

  6. Please would it be possible to ban cycling throughout Beeston high road, someone will be seriously injured by these morons who choose to ignore the no cycling signs, and there are still issues with certain individuals drinking in the square.Please remove the stump and could we have a decent Christmas tree.

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