Our District is full of trees. Many of our streets, gardens, parks and public spaces contain beautiful specimens, all improve where we live, and work hard for our environment.

We think there’s space for more.

We’re asking our members to take a look around them – along our streets, parks, and public spaces – to spot gaps or zones which could become a good home for a tree. Whether an empty grass verge, a treeless roadside corner, or a dull, lifeless car park – we want to hear your suggestions for Space for Trees.

How to get involved

Complete the form below, or find us on social media
Share your suggestions, or even just your photographs of your favourite local trees and use #BEESTONspacefortrees

The Society has always held a place in its heart for trees. Here are some of our favourites – new, old, or, sadly, no longer there…

Send us your Space for Trees suggestions