Our area covers Attenborough, Beeston, Bramcote, Chilwell, Stapleford, and Toton; all to the south-west of Nottingham in the southern portion of the Broxtowe Borough Council area, where each of the participating societies are active.

This a truly collaborative venture driven by a small working group led by the Beeston and District Civic Society. It includes representatives from the Beeston and District Local History Society, the Stapleford and District Local History Society, and the Bramcote Conservation Society.  The working group will wind up once the plaques are complete and explanatory material has been published.

The first ten plaques were unveiled between August 2010 and November 2011:

  1. Thomas Barton, our first plaque, was unveiled in Chilwell by Sir Neil Cossons in August 2010.
  2. Arthur Mee in Stapleford, March 2011
  3. Admiral Sir John Borlase Warren in Stapleford, May2011
  4. Beeston Village Cross, Church Street, Beeston, May 2011
  5. Arthur Cossons in Church Street Beeston were also unveiled in May 2011
  6. General Ireton in Church Street, Attenborough, July 2011
  7. Thomas Humber, Humber Road, Beeston, August 2011
  8. John Clifford, evangelist, Church House Nursery in Nether Street, Beeston, September 2011
  9. Bendigo, bare knuckle fighter, at his cottage site, 92 Wollaton Road, Beeston, October 2011
  10. Edward Lowe, Astronomer, Broadgate House, Beeston, November 2011

In 2012, so far six are fixed and a seventh (BD Shaw) has been delivered and is waiting to be fixed and an eighth (William Wallett) has been ordered and should be ready to unveil in early December:

  1. Henry Hurt, Chilwell, May 2012
  2. Chilwell Explosion, Commemorating the dead. St Mary’s Attenborough, July 2012
  3. Chilwell Explosion, Orchard Cottage, near the seat of the explosion, July 2012
  4. Beeston Manor House, Middle Street, Beeston, August 2012
  5. Francis Wilkinson, Anglo Scotian Mills, Albion Street, Beeston, August 2012
  6. Beeston Lad’s Club and Hetley Pearson, Station Road, Beeston, September 2012
  7. Colonel  BD Shaw, explosives expert, 185 Queens Road, Beeston, November 2012
  8. William Wallett, The Queen’s Jester, 220 Station Road, Beeston, December 2012

The following four are subject to various approvals:

  1. Sir Louis Frederick Pearson CBE, Broadgate Park, Co-founder of Beeston Foundry Company
  2. Charles and Walter Gregory, founder and son of Gregory’s Roses, 307 High Road, Chilwell
  3. St John’s School, Nottingham Road, Stapleford
  4. Wesleyan Chapel, Nottingham Road, Stapleford

A further six are under consideration:

  1. George Wilkinson, Wilkinson Avenue, Beeston
  2. Richard Beckinsale, Actor, Cator Lane, Chilwell
  3. Henry John Pearson, The White House, Bramcote, Co-founder of Beeston Foundry Company
  4. Banker Smith, Bramcote
  5. Bramcote Old  Church, Town Street, Bramcote
  6. The Charlton Family, Chilwell Hall

The plaques themselves are locally produced in enamelled cast aluminium by Leander Architectural in Dove Holes, Derbyshire, and, when fixed, become the responsibility of the property owner.  Diameter varies between 14” and 18”, prepared to designs based on English Heritage guidance.

The cost of supply, delivery and fixing is approximately £300 a plaque, intended to cover material costs only.  Research, design, ordering, fixing and, frequently, unveilings are organised voluntarily as part of a single service. Whenever possible each plaque is self-financing, supported by donations from owners and other interested parties, so that costs to the participating societies are minimised.  Thus there should be no capital or maintenance costs arising out of the scheme to this Society.

Additional funding will be sought for explanatory material.

Peter Robinson

Chairman Blue Plaques’ Group

Contact: 0115.925.5219