Oban House is a heritage building in St John’s Grove Conservation Area, looking out onto Beeston parish church – the heart of our town. 

It’s also beautiful and at risk.

Planning permission is being sought to tear down Oban House and replace it with a large, modern building for Manor Surgery to rent. 

There’s a better option!

While we support Manor Surgery’s quest for new, larger premises at 8 Chilwell Road we do not support tearing down Oban House, or the design of the new building initially
put forward.

Therefore, we have OBJECTED to the planning application – you can download our comments in full below.

Oban House is in a Conservation Area. It could convert to make a unique frontage for the Surgery.

By bringing a much-admired heritage building back into use through renovating it and extending it at the rear, its owners would not only have a highly valuable, impressive landmark building to lease to Manor Surgery – they would also have the full support of Beeston Civic Society and the local community behind them.

We would all benefit from the positive contribution this new centre and attractive development would make to the public realm and the ‘sense of place’ in Beeston.

Please support our campaign if you want to try to save this heritage building in Beeston:

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