1 thought on “40th Anniversary Tree Planting in Bramcote Park

  1. This was a really terrific event and I am glad I went along, It was the day the high winds and torrential rain were forecast and the event was cancelled but bright and early on the day we all got an email saying it was on again and hurry along, so off I went.The children were marvellous, very well behaved and a credit to their parents and the school, they made quite a sight walking up into the woods kitted out in their blue wet weather clothes. They took great delight in planting the trees and many I spoke to said they would be going back at the weekend with their parents to show them the site and which trees they had planted.
    The Civic Society have over the years planted many trees round and about in Beeston. It was with sadness that some of them have been lost due to the tram but wherever we can we will in time be replacing them. Anyone reading this who would like to get involved in our tree planting efforts can contact us via this website, we will be pleased to hear from you. We are still needing some ‘tree guardians’ for some of our recently planted trees, this is to see them through their first months until they are properly established.If you know anywhere that a tree is needed just let us know. We cannot do anything about the tram route, NET will be replacing those I understand but any other places just let us know.

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