Chairs AGM Report 2015

We have a had another good year! Many new members have joined us, We have spent a lot of time promoting the Civic Society at various events, the Carnival in July being a major event when we advertise the Heritage Open Days and begin to give out the HOD booklets, people are always happy to receive them to see what there is to visit this time round. Something new I started this year was the Coffee,Chat and Cake mornings at The White Lion on Station Road, a very popular place for community events. This gives members and indeed visitors a place to come informally to chat about things and just to one another, it has been very popular. We had John Delaney from the Planning Department one Saturday to talk about the consultation for phase 2 and we had over 40 people attend, this happened a couple of times and we also had a stall in the Square twice.

Planning and Conservation.We are still very active in looking at planning applications and this year have made many representations to the planning committee. With the advent of the internet those meetings between CS and the planners do not happen now as the plans are emailed weekly (anyone can sign up for this) and remarks can be emailed back. From this last years AGM, we have formed 2 subcommittees, overseen by Caroline, for a)Planning and b)Conservation, more people can get involved in these sub committees, without having to be a committee member, if they so wish and should contact Caroline through our email.

Phase Two. I was very disappointed that after all the hours we put in encouraging the public to complete the consultation forms regarding what the public wanted, only just over 130 were completed online or sent in. We had 3 coffee mornings about it and twice had a stall in the square. A poor show indeed.

The Pearson Centre. We are now in our new venue and I hope you are all pleased with it, it is large and bright and easy to get to. We have only of course had 2 meetings there so far and we are still having slight teething problems with refreshments but I am sure these will be sorted out. I hope everyone is happy with it.

Heritage Weekend was a triumph yet again and many thanks must deservedly go to the small band on the subcommittee. Two members are now standing down, Barbara Selwood and Joyce Brown and we owe them a debt of thanks for all the hours they have put in to make every year better and better, the sub committee as a whole have achieved great things and have received much praise.There was a very comprehensive booklet printed and we distributed 11.000 copies of this across the county. Once again the Chilwell Barracks visit was oversubscribed as was the trip to D10 at Boots also the visits to Strelley Hall, a new addition to our list. There were over 50 venues across many parts of our area including Wollaton and Bilborough, which asked to be included. Help is always wanted to man events and also visit and make reports on venues, if anyone is interested please contact us by email.The sub committee would welcome more people to join in to help with arrangements, we have people involved from other societies initially but you can never have too much help for occasions like these. I am sad to say that the event at The Pearson Centre was not a big success simply because of its position, having no passing public and being out of sight, a great shame because it is an excellent venue for most things, hopefully next year the event will be able to return to Bartons. Please see attached report from Barbara Selwood.

Magazine. Many Thanks to Karen Attwood for the quarterly magazine, always full of interesting articles and comments. Now in colour it has brought many compliments. If any member would like to contribute anything please contact Karen Attwood via our gmail address.

Blue Plaque Scheme. Peter Robinson and the editorial committee are currently working on the Blue Plaque Trail booklet which it is hoped will be published in the new year and given away free, it will be found in many venues around the Nottingham area

Website. Thanks to Owen we now have a thriving website and we also have a Twitter account. Members can join through our website and pay via paypal as indeed can any current member who does not pay by Standing Order. Any photos you have of Beeston will be gratefully received for the picture gallery. Please keep looking and send any remarks to us that you wish to make. Owen has now stepped down as Webmaster as he has been promoted in his job and can no longer give the time required to the website, we wish him well for the future and are sure he will be back.

Treasurer. I am sorry to tell you that also due to pressure of work Michelle has also stepped down this time, we wish her well for the future.

Nominations for Committee members. I am sorry to tell you that I am not standing again for Chair so there are vacancies on the committee for Chair/Treasurer/Webmaster/Membership Secretary and 2 ordinary members. I have attached a nomination form for any member who would like to form part of the new committee.

Subscriptions For those of you who joined this year, thank you, and may I tell you that those of you who joined in June or after do not need to pay again until next October 2016, I hope you will consider doing a Standing order as this makes it so much easier for the Treasurer. Please ask at the AGM or December meeting for your National Trust ticket if you have not already had it from us.

May I ask those of you who do not pay by Standing Order to pay your subscription fee at this AGM meeting or the next meeting in December. Anyone not doing so will no longer receive the Magazine and emails after December. You can send a cheque to our Secretary: 4, Penryn Cres, Chilwell, Nottm. NG9 5NZ.

I will close by thanking those of you I have got to know for your support and friendship.

Anyone interested in joining in any capacity should contact Eileen through the society email address:




Election of Officers and Committee Members

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Heritage Open Days 2015 – annual report for AGM

A core group of people facilitate (rather than organise) this event on behalf of Beeston Civic Society. It consists of Eileen Atherton, Joyce Brown, Barbara Selwood and Richard English assisted by various ‘Hub people’. This year we extended our range, partly due to Barton’s not being available as a venue, but also as there were requests to be part of HOD. Thus we had 50 entries in the booklet, including at Strelley, Bilborough, Wollaton and Nottingham University.

Besides going ‘Beyond Beeston’ – we had some new entries in Beeston which proved very popular – Dagfa House School, Beeston Fields Golf Clubhouse and Oban House. A very well organised tour around Boots D10 this year was fully booked, as was the Restoration Ramble at Highfields and the Heritage Walk around Beeston.

We have been fortunate to be supported by our local County Councillors, whose donations cover most of the cost of producing the booklet, and with expected contributions from the ‘Beyond Beeston’ venues, we will cover our expenses.

We are looking for some new people join the Core Group, so that Joyce and Barbara can step down. We will renew our energy ready for starting again in January to get the ‘wheels’ in motion.

We are very grateful to the staff and volunteers at all the venues for, without them, we would not be able to share the Heritage of Beeston and Beyond with the public.

Barbara Selwood

Oct 2015



I am very sorry but I omitted 3 very important items in my report, so eager was I to get it out to all members to digest before the AGM.

First of all I would apologise to Prof John Beckett for not reporting on his walks this year, I am so sorry. The walks are always well received and enjoyed by our members and indeed others who join in and they are part of our summer programme and the HOD weekend, long may they continue. Thank you John.

Secondly I also did not mention the superb information maps made by Robert Howard, these have been enormously successful this summer, there were 3 versions. For those of you who have not seen one I attach to this email the one he made for us as our contribution to BID’s Freshers Weekend in September. I had 3000 of these printed and the parents of students and students themselves went wild for them, so much so that Robert has been asked to provide the pdf so they can go in the Student and Parent handbook next year. They will of course have to be amended due to some bus routes being cancelled. These maps also went to Central College, they were also thrilled with them. He also did one for the HOD weekend, purely for Beeston as his maps are of Beeston and not the surrounding areas, I did get some criticism of this from some members of the committee as other areas were left out, it was not intended as a full HOD map but a Beeston HOD map. In the beginning of September some of us were on a stall in the Square giving out the HOD booklet to passers by, but as it was early days for the tram we gave out many maps to first time visitors to Beeston, I spoke to many of these visitors myself and again they found them most useful having never been to Beeston before, many came from Hucknall and Bulwell. Thank you Robert.

I also forgot to mention the Art Competition which I organised, this having happened a few years previously but then stopped presumably due to lack of support in the organisation of it. It didn’t start off very well and I was quite disheartened by the number of entries, but on the day itself it came good as people went home and returned with more pictures to hang. It was visited by many people and some good comments were written by the visiting public about it, it is worth doing again. I have already booked the library for next Spring but it seems it (the Library) might be reburbished (again?) so the date may change as of course it will be closed during this time.

Finally, I would like to thank you all for your support and messages after I announced in my previous report that I would not be standing for Chair again. I have been persuaded by many that we have an exciting time ahead and this is not the time to leave, especially with a major town development coming soon and the unexpected demise of BID which will leave a vacuum, who will speak for Beeston now? I have therefore decided to stand on Friday because I want to build on the success of the past with the 6 remaining current members and 5 other Beeston supporters have also thrown their hats into the ring to stand as committee members and we can hopefully carry the Civic Society forward into the digital age with fresh ideas and great enthusiasm.

We have some challenging times ahead, we need to engage in social media to reach our audience so let us all, members included, work together for the future and prosperity of Beeston.

Beeston Civic Society is all about looking to the future.