Friday Night’s Alright for Meeting…?

Before Christmas 2021, we polled members to ask about our Friday evening talks to help us decide the best ways to secure a future for our talks and events.

We asked: 
“Do you attend our talks and meetings on a Friday evening?”

You said:
Yes 20%
No 30%
Occasionally 49%

We asked: 
“Which evening do you think is best for meetings / talks to occur? (Sundays are unavailable due to venue limitations.)”

You said:
Monday 19%
Tuesday 25%
Wednesday 37%
Thursday 33%
Friday 26%

We asked:
“If meeting night did change from Friday, how likely would you be to attend?”

You said:
More likely 65%
Less Likely 7%
About the same 26%

All Change

As a result of members’ responses, from April 2022 our Talks will be held on Wednesday evenings. They will start a little earlier in the evening, at 6:45pm.

Unfortunately, due to availability, it is with regret that we must move to a new venue…
March 2022 will be our last Talk event at The Pearson Centre for Young People. We would like to take this opportunity to thank The Pearson Centre, and its staff – especially Wendy and Calvin – for hosting our events so well.

Our new home for the foreseeable will be:
Beeston RBL Social Club
16 Hallcroft, Beeston, NG9 1EL

Beeston RBL Social Club is a non-profit organisation. It is also a popular, well-located hire venue, with plenty of space and excellent facilities.  We thank them for accommodating us, and for being so welcoming and helpful.

Getting There

By Public Transport – NCT, Trent Barton, and NET stops are extremely close-by on Chilwell Road.
By Foot / Cycle – Easily accessible via West End / Hallcroft, or via pedestrian/cycle route directly off Chilwell Road (opposite John Kirk HIFI and the pedestrian crossing).
By Car – if driving is essential, the car park is on site. Approach via Dovecote Lane > West End > Hallcroft.
Please take care driving along Hallcroft, as residents park on both sides of the road, and it can be narrow.
Please do not park on Hallcroft – there is ample, free parking for those using the Social Club directly in front of the Social Club.