Oban House is a heritage building in St John’s Grove Conservation Area, looking out onto Beeston parish church – the heart of our town.

It’s also beautiful and at risk.

Planning permission is being sought to tear down Oban House and replace it with a large, modern building for Manor Surgery to rent. 

While we support Manor Surgery’s quest for new, larger premises, and support Oban House, 8 Chilwell Road as the location for it, we DO NOT SUPPORT tearing down Oban House, or the design of the new building initially put forward.

We know there is a better option!

Therefore, after consulting the local community, architects, builders, and experienced developers, Beeston Civic Society has begun a campaign to challenge an application seeking to demolish a heritage building in the centre of Beeston and replace it with a large, modern building. 

Many support our objective to sympathetically convert and extend Oban House, feeling that it will achieve the desired outcomes and requirements of all involved: guaranteeing the owner’s rental income; delivering Manor Surgery’s projected service provision; improving sustainability and environmental efficiency, and retaining and enhancing the character, value, and quality of the Conservation Area and Beeston as a whole – future-proofing it for the community to enjoy and benefit. 

Oban House could convert to make a unique frontage for the Surgery. 

The proposed Pharmacy at entrance-level could be a stunning feature, seen by all those ‘passing through’ on public transport.

By bringing a much-admired heritage building back into use through renovating it and extending it at the rear, its owners would not only have a highly valuable, impressive landmark building to lease to Manor Surgery – they would also have the full support of Beeston Civic Society and the local community behind them.

We need help to save this building!

You can help – the most important thing you can do right now is OBJECT to the proposal to demolish OBAN HOUSE.

Object now! tinyurl.com/saveobanhouse

Why Save It?

The outstanding structure is one of only a few heritage buildings remaining in the centre of Beeston. It is structurally superior and more valuable in respect of materials and workman skills than almost anything that can be purchased today.

Oban House is not a listed building, Asset of Communty Value, or on a Local Heritage List – as we don’t yet have one (we’re planning to work on this in the very near future – for this building and other heritage assets not yet designated – but our priority at the moment is saving this building). It is in a Conservation Area though.

St John’s Grove Conservation Area (StJG); overlooks Beeston West End Conservation Area (BWE), and is set opposite St John’s Parish Church, a Grade II Listed Building – each sharing a view of the other. (Photo by Lewis Stainer)

Owners have submitted plans to Broxtowe Borough Council to demolish it and replace it with a building of such ugliness and unsuitability we can’t bare to share it. You can see it for yourself at themanorsurgery.com/new-build