The Society has objected to application to build 419 purpose built student studios at the landmark site in
the centre of Beeston.

On behalf of our membership, we’ve objected to the proposal, which would see purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) comprising 419 ‘studios’ – previously referred to as ‘Phase 2’, owing to its linkage with the Arc Cinema site (Phase 1) as part of the redevelopment of the site of the old Car Park on Station Road. Not only do we consider the need to be greater for homes for families, young people, and first time buyers – but the design and many other aspects of the building are unsatisfactory. Monolithic in stature, overshadowing much of the public realm and social space meant for its residents, the tower block is mediocre in design and altogether comprising very little in ‘landmark building’ status Beeston was promised – for the community, the residents, and the natural world of our town.

The Society quickly formed a Planning Working Group to collaborate and consult together – each with their own area of interest or expertise. As a result we’ve been able to submit a comprehensive objection on grounds such as: ‘Demand and Viability’, ‘Design’, ‘Planning Policy’, ‘Parking and Transport’, ‘Section 106 Contribution’, ‘Biodiversity and Landscaping’, ‘Sunpath Analysis’, and ‘Sustainability’.

Comments to Planning Applications, while not uploaded to the Planning site, are viewable via the Council Offices.

Members can also view our comments by downloading the PDF on the Planning page on our website.

You only have until 1 April to comment, and OBJECT to the proposal – so do so ASAP if you wish your views to be heard.

Need guidance on commenting on planning? We have a page to help

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