Our Beeston – Our Future

Close on 100 Beestonians attended the Our Beeston – Our Future event on the evening of Wednesday 27 April, in the community friendly Royal British Legion Social Club.

This was the long-promised conversation about the future of Beeston that should have gone ahead in May 2020, but postponed twice due to Covid. 

Attendees were a mix of responders to the #Beeston2020Vision consultation sharing their views with a wider audience, including the Mayor of Broxtowe, Councillors and officials. The focus of the evening was hearing what the audience – sitting in table groups – had to say about Beeston’s future. 

Chaired by long standing Beeston resident Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff, the event was in two halves. 

The first half, by way of background, included the showing of a specially commissioned film ‘This is Beeston’, with a dedicated message from Sir David Attenborough.

Three speakers – Peter Robinson, Cllr. Helen Skinner and Professor Lucelia Rodrigues, covered respectively the Vision consultation, a Broxtowe view of zero carbon targets and the scale of action necessary to insulate existing Beeston housing, followed by questions.

The second half was an interactive session seeking individual and table responses to possible actions over the next decade, ‘to make Beeston a better place to live and work and to record their order of priorities’. Dr Miriam O’Duill from Nottingham University summarised the points digitally and conducted voting in real time using audience smart phones. 

Principal findings were: Providing for Sustainability and green spaces, closely followed by an attractive town centre and providing for young people. These  were the top three of ten priorities voted for by our Beeston audience.  

A follow-up meeting with officials of Broxtowe Borough Council will take place shortly.

(Images by Peter Robinson)

Peter Robinson

12 May 2022