In collaboration with: Greenwood, and Broxtowe Borough Council.

One of the most worthwhile things anyone can do right now is plant trees and hedges.

Together with Greenwood; Nottinghamshire’s community forest, and Broxtowe Borough Council we have arranged to do just that. 

In a quiet location in Beeston near to allotments, paddocks and the railway line we have invited two classes from Trent Vale School and Beeston Rylands School, to come and help plant a small wood’s worth of broadleaved trees. 

The Society has contributed £1000 towards ten large oak trees; to compliment over 100 smaller trees, and 120m of new hedging. The smaller trees have been funded by DEFRA through the ‘Trees for Learning’ project. The species mix will include: hawthorn, hazel, field maple, wild privet, crab apple, silver birch, bird cherry, holly, rowan, and alder buckthorn. All of which support a broad range of native insects, invertebrates and vertebrates by providing food, shelter, and breeding habitat.

There’ll be a lot to do, and the date is set for 24 January. Local council representatives and the Mayor are due to be in attendance, and not merely for the cameras – no one leaves without having picked up a spade, planted a tree and heeled it in!

The hope is also to be able to plant wildflowers and woodland plants in the near future, so as to benefit more wildlife and further add to the appeal of the area. There is water adjacent in the shape of an attenuation pond – whose water level rises and falls periodically. As Judy mentioned in her piece about the scheme last issue – Herons visit the pond, and the rushes and reeds must support a large variety of life. This could be increased further with the addition of other aquatic plant species. 

Areas like this are important to invest in, grow and protect. Providing a crucial role in Beeston’s limited wildlife corridor, these woody habitats and their species richness are reducing at an alarming rate. Taking any opportunity to create these environments can make a real difference to the thousands of creatures who inhabit them.

If you would like to get involved, there will be an opportunity to join community volunteers to plant the remaining trees and plants on a dig day the next day, 24 January. Time is from midday. For further details, please email, or follow @WeDigNG9 on Twitter or Instagram for updates.