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Our recently announced Art and Photography competition (see poster below) has been creating quite a buzz! If you are composing your work we recommend getting in touch with us to let us know about it, or better still booking your piece in using our online form. With the interest we want to gauge demand so as not to disappoint.



More About Friday’s Open Meeting – Design, Delivery & Use of Zero Carbon Homes

The Design, Delivery and Use of Zero Carbon HomesProfessor Mark Gillott (Chair in Sustainable Building Design, Department of Architecture & Built Environment at the University of Nottingham) gives a little more insight into this Friday’s talk. It looks to be a fascinating look into the future of new housing in a sustainable Beeston.

Be sure to come along, this Friday 13th March, at 7.30pm, John Clifford School, Nether Street, Beeston.

The energy used in our homes accounts for more than a quarter of energy use and carbon dioxide emissions in the United Kingdom. More energy is used in housing than either road transport or industry and consequently housing represents a major opportunity to cut energy use and CO2 emissions in both existing and new build homes.

Current UK zero carbon housing policy requires all new homes from 2016 to mitigate, through various measures, all the carbon emissions produced on-site as a result of the energy used to provide space heating and cooling, hot water and fixed lighting. This policy is well aligned with European Policy which requires all new buildings to be nearly Zero Energy Buildings from 2020. However, to achieve these targets requires a significant step change in the way we design, deliver and use our homes.

The talk will cover the challenges we all face in achieving these goals by using real life energy efficient housing projects as case study examples. It is hoped that the information presented will help people navigate their way through the minefield of sustainable housing solutions in order to help them make their own informed decisions on reducing energy bills and CO2 emissions and maybe help create a more sustainable Beeston.

Professor Mark Gillott

13th March 2015 Meeting – The design, delivery and use of Zero Carbon Homes

The design, delivery and use of Zero Carbon Homes

The design, delivery and use of Zero Carbon Homes

The next Open Meeting of the Society will take place at John Clifford School Nether Street Beeston on Friday 13th March 2015 at 7.30.p.m.

The Speaker is

                                         PROFESSOR MARK GILLOTT 

                                            and the title of is talk is:-

                        ‘The design, delivery and use of Zero Carbon Homes’

                      Members free                                                      Guests £2.

MEETING REPORT: An Update on the Tram – 13th February 2015

Tram Meeting - 13th Feb 2015An overflowing audience listened with interest to seven representatives from ‘the Tramlink Team’, who gave a presentation of all aspects of the tram through design, construction, testing and forthcoming operations.

Joining us were Graham Bethel, Project coordinator from Tramlink; Richard Horsley, Tramlink; Jamie Swift, Tramlink; Trevor Stocker, Nottingham Trams Ltd; Daniel Patterson, Nottingham Trams Ltd; Steve Tough, Notts City Council; Ashley Jackson, Taylor Woodrow Alstrom and designer Ignacio Sequeros Hernandez.

Ignacio started by outlining the testing now taking place on the 22 new trams in the city, which are being run on existing lines. Most of the tram track will be completed very soon despite ongoing problems in a few locations eg. Gregory Street and Devonshire Avenue.

Tram Meeting - 13th Feb 2015The new communication system is being installed and the final overhead wires are being placed and tightened. Overnight testing on new lines will start soon and the tram will start to run as soon as these tests have been carried out. The latest estimate is ‘mid year’ as the tests on the trams, track, traffic control and communication system is complex.

Trevor advised that 120 drivers have now been appointed and undergoing extensive training and scenario planning. Customer Service manager Daniel was introduced and we were told of plans for maximum support when the tram is up and running, with help points at every stop.

Tram Meeting - 13th Feb 2015Steve outlined that 85 small business have received support for troubles during construction and land compensation claims are being dealt with. The public hotline has taken 9000 calls and 6500 emails during the construction period.

Jamie said trams will run 6am to midnight, 7 days per week, every 8-10 minutes. The tram from Beeston will not terminate in Nottingham, it is a full cross city service. Lots of information will roll out from Jamie’s team over the next few months.

There followed a lively question and answer session, lasting about an hour, which dealt with both broad issues and more detailed queries. Various topics were covered, including individual junctions and barriers, compensation for residents, tree planting, grey pole ownership and traffic flow, some discussions leading to differences of opinion between some audience members.

However I think there was a general feeling that we had been given a very helpful and comprehensive update.

Karen Attwood
Member, Civic Society Executive Committee

Beeston Civic Society Meeting – Update on the progress of NET Phase II

Beeston Civic Society:

Thanks to Steve Austin over at Bramcote Today for this report. The Society’s will follow soon.

Originally posted on Bramcote Today:

I went to Beeston Civic Society’s Meeting on Friday evening ‘Update on the progress of NET Phase II’. There was a presentation from the Tramlink Team followed by a question and answer session. Here are my notes from the meeting:

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Beestonia: The Movie unleashed…and 2015: time to get creative.

Originally posted on Beestonia:

Here’s a little treat for you. Grab some popcorn, and click the link:

We’ve decided to release Beestonia: The Movie today to coincide with the launch of the official website for The Beestonian AND the launch of the magazine’s partnership project with Creative Beeston, more of which later.

Picture by Lewis Stainer must be credited before use The film has been shown in public several times now, as well as leaking    on the internet (we suspect those pesky North Koreans) for a few hours a    couple of weeks ago. It opened the Beeston Film Festival, has had  mentions in the Nottingham Post, BBC Radio Nottingham, trailed on  NottsTV and tons more. I even took it to show MA Built Environment  students last week, as part of their project to design ideas for Beeston’s  regeneration, which I’ll explain in a later post. We even have a fan in the  form of BAFTA winning genius filmmaker Shane Meadows, who…

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